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The banks of the Okanagan River south of Oliver, BC where I did much of my undergraduate fieldwork. Photo credit: Steven Brownlee This …


Alouette Lake salmon niche modeling

Reproductive niche model developed in conjunction with Allison Hebert and Dr. Scott Hinch for a rare ecotype of sockeye salmon in Alouette Lake

Rocky Mountain ridged mussel project

Project supervised by Dr. Ian Walker and Dr. Jon Mageroy at UBC-O to study the life history and ecology of the Rocky Mountain ridged mussel

Zebra mussel PhD at Simon Fraser University

Project with Dr. Isabelle Côté and Dr. Jonathan Moore at Simon Fraser University to develop a suite of models predicting the spread and impact of zebra mussels (Dreissena polymorpha) in BC

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Report submitted to the Rocky Mountain ridged mussel project’s funders in the fall of 2017 in summation of the field work and lab …